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4 Ways To Create Meaningful Holiday Memories + Holiday Gift Guide starting at $0

4 Ways To Create Meaningful Holiday Memories + Holiday Gift Guide starting at $0

Savor the holiday season and create meaningful holiday memories that become family traditions.  Our list below offers a selection of options to do just that. Many items on the list are free;  if you're looking for actual gifts to purchase (or options to send to grandparents), we also offer ideas for that too. Read on and don't forget to check out A Modern Charlotte Mason's Holiday Gift Guide!

Early Years Curriculum Q&A

What is covered in the Early Years curriculum? Daily work includes Bible reading, recitation/memorization, copywork/writing (for those able), a ma...

McGuffey Readers…Not Just For Sight Reading

After seeing many homeschool parents struggle with understanding how to begin using McGuffey’s Readers I thought I would write a post detailing a ...

Mother Culture: Recommended Reading List for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers

The Ultimate: Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason Charlotte Mason Study Guide – Penny Gardner   For a quick st...

TOP 5 Reasons for Educating Charlotte Mason Style

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. My favorite poem begins that way. Today I am going to count the ways that I love homeschooling but more specifically the ways I love a Charlotte Mason education. In absolutely no particular order other than what came to me as I sat to write this.

Why Charlotte Mason?

One mom explains why a Charlotte Mason education style calls to her: …we are continually prompted to turn over the stone of the “dry fact”...