What are "Forms" in the AMCM Curriculum?

A Modern Charlotte Mason utilizes forms to make combining easy and the adjustment to a Charlotte Mason Homeschool smooth. The forms are often puzzling to those beginning A Modern Charlotte Mason, but essentially they are just a guide to placement and booklist.

Each curriculum bundle has lessons for Year 1-Year 12 for that time period. Each is typically used twice 6 years apart. I have used Forms a different way than they were used in CM's day, but rather in a way that worked for the curriculum. I have Four Forms:  Form 1A for Y1, Form 1 for Y2-3, Form 2 for year 4-6, Form 3 for year 7-9, Form 4 for year 10-12. The lessons for everything in a CM education are included except music lessons, math lessons, and reading lessons-although those are coming in the future.


Charlotte Mason used forms, but these are a little different. The First question everyone has is, “where would I find the form for my child?” At the most basic, this is the guide.


A Modern Charlotte Mason Forms Typical Public School Grades
Form 1A First grade
Form 1 Second and Third grades
Form 2 Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades
Form 3 Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth grades
Form 4 Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth grades


Forms allow us a little more freedom to match your child to the curriculum. Each Form represents a jump in expectations and difficulty. For example, in Form 2 we begin written narration, formal grammar, classical studies, and studied dictation. If your child is new to Charlotte Mason and homeschooling, at least a term, or even a year in Form 1 might be helpful. Because the Forms are somewhat fluid, the child can move into the “typical” Form 2 the next term or the next year, and never be behind.

 Of course, you might wonder about putting a 4th and 6th grader in the same Form. We provide notes to help you: telling you which books to add for a gifted Year Six student, or not to do all the books with your Year Seven student, explaining that we only do a single narration each week when we start Year Four but move up to three to five by Year Six. View booklists for each Form here.


How does the history cycle work?

I have a 6 year history cycle. People are sometimes concerned that the child will not go over history 3 times, but going over history three times isn’t some magical number. Having a child that cares about history and going over history deeply and with connections and understanding is what creates lasting learning.

Ancient History: From Mesopotamian up to the fall of the Roman Empire

Middle Ages: Fall of the Roman Empire up to the Renaissance

Renaissance and Reformation: from the Renaissance to the colonization of America

Early Modern/Early American: Beginning with the Vikings up to the Civil War

War to War: Beginning with the Civil War ending with World War II

America and the World since WWII: Covering from the end of WWII to present.

You may notice some overlap between the years. That is intentional, and allows for each child entering the curriculum to have valuable understanding of how things happen.


What can I expect for upcoming curricula?

I have committed to adding two history years for each of the next 3 calendar years. That means that we will make available two new years of curriculum each year.

In 2017 we will have:

War to War: Beginning with the Civil War ending with World War II

Renaissance and Reformation: from the Renaissance to the settling of America

In 2018 we will have:

Ancients:  From Mesopotamian up to the fall of the Roman Empire

America and the World since WWII:  Covering from the end of WWII to present.

By August 2018, all six curriculum bundles should be out and available for purchase.


Is there a Kindergarten curriculum in A Modern Charlotte Mason?

As Charlotte Mason didn’t do formal lessons before age six, we are working to format Kindergarten in a meaningful way while staying true to Charlotte Mason’s heart and ideals. However, there is a kindergarten program as part of our Early Years curriculum. This curriculum is for parents who, due to state regulations, must school their children aged six and under. Our goal with this is to provide an informal Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum while still providing content that can be used to fulfill certain state regulations. Learn more about the curriculum here or check out our Early Years FAQs. View a sample schedule here.