Early Years Curriculum Q&A

What is covered in the Early Years curriculum?

Daily work includes Bible reading, recitation/memorization, copywork/writing (for those able), a math reading or activity, foreign language (Spanish), poetry and hymns. Nature study is done one time weekly and includes a read aloud selection. View a sample here. Please note: what is listed is NOT the entire curriculum, but a sample only.  You may purchase the curriculum here.


How is the Early Years curriculum set up?

Similar to other AMCM curricula, the Early Years curriculum is set up over three 12 week terms. However, the Early Years curriculum only "does school" four days each week, instead of the more traditional five days per week. 


Is this curriculum available in printed format or e-book?

Both! You may choose to purchase as a bound and printed book or as an e-book. There is no need to purchase the e-book AND the printed format, each option includes the same information.


How can I order the Early Years curriculum?

You may purchase the curriculum here. Please note that this is currently on preorder. It will be shipped or delivered to your inbox in August.


Didn't Charlotte Mason say no formal education before age six?
Yes! Miss Mason was right in that formal lessons should not be required of a young child. However, we recognize that specific state laws and regulations often require a child to begin school at an age younger than seven. To facilitate that we are thrilled to provide you with this Early Years curriculum. This curriculum gently introduces habits necessary for later years like narration, observation, and others as well as concepts such as addition and subtraction or learning colors and numbers in a foreign language.