Natural History

“We were all meant to be naturalists each in his degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of those things.” Charlotte Mason

A Modern Charlotte Mason offers a robust nature study and science program. Modern living books as well as older books are used to give the child a well-rounded appreciation for the wonders of God’s creation. Like history, families are able to enjoy the same nature study focus each year. Students on different forms may share some of their natural history literature but will have additional resources scheduled according to their form. Science experiment options are provided to further interest and understanding in the subjects as well as to engage hands on learners. Have you ever nature journaled a microscopic life? Short, documentary style videos are also linked to the lessons to allow the students to observe those wonders of nature that are difficult to procure in our world around us. Microscopic life, the hidden lives of insects, and creatures from the far corners of the world can be observed through the video and photo links. In addition, current articles are also provided to keep the student up to date with new discoveries and current events that are related to their lessons.
The development of observation skills, curiosity, and attention to detail is a very important product of nature study and journaling. However, many families are intimidated by nature study. A Modern Charlotte Mason provides suggestions for field guides, links for nature study ideas, and other related materials to aide the parent and child in this study. Lessons in water colors and the painting of nature are also scheduled separate from nature study itself to help the student build confidence in nature journaling and give them ideas for variation and individualization in their nature journals.