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The idea for A Modern Charlotte Mason was developed from listening to new and long time Charlotte Mason homeschooling Moms. They wanted a curriculum that would hold their hand, or not. They wanted a curriculum they could keep all their children together most of the day, or give each child their own year. They wanted a curriculum that would challenge their gifted child, and one that wouldn’t overwhelm their dyslexic child.

They wanted some modern books, but they didn’t want to abandon classics. So A Modern Charlotte Mason is an answer to those questions.


A Modern Charlotte Mason is a curriculum your children can use all the way through High School that covers lessons for everything except math curriculum. Driven by the principals of Charlotte Mason, we seek to help you give your children a developmentally appropriate curriculum with high academic standards while developing an appreciation for all that is good and true and beautiful. Children learn to think, not to repeat what you told them.


A Modern Charlotte Mason is a liberal arts education. We love to bring you many things to show your children: composers and their music, poetry and poets, artists and their works,  authors and their works, hymn study, folksongs, and handiwork. But where do you find the Modern in A Modern Charlotte Mason? We choose modern books in addition to the classics, we choose more modern artists, composers. That doesn’t mean we abandon beautiful classics, but that we add some modern stuff to the mix. We make wise use of the internet, using it as a resource, but not sinking into twaddle. We do nature study as a school, covering topics in depth, but also allowing time, guidance, and thought for all  that God puts in your path. We provide you with a booklist, and a step by step guide for your day, and daily lesson plans. You will find both a warm, caring community and lots of support on the Facebook group. The books are chosen to be the very best, but we also try to keep your budget in mind.





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