Middle Ages Bundle

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This bundle contains lessons and assignments for a year of Charlotte Mason instruction for students in all grades in all subjects other than maths. Time for math is scheduled, and supplementary math is assigned. This contains book lists, schedules, assignments, library lists, sources for everything from maps to butterflies. We have links to poets reading their poems, folk songs, hymns, and handicrafts. The schedule provides short, varied lessons that allow all your students to study the same subjects and sometimes the same book. The rhythm encourages a lifestyle of learning, instead of long days spent on seatwork. Having all the lessons in one bundle allows tweaking for students a little ahead or behind, easily. The curriculum bundle, having over 800 pages, contains the following 4 comb bound books: Morning Meeting, Tea Time, Classical Studies and Miscellany, and Shared Wonder-a nature study. It also contains Food for Thought, a plastic coil bound book of academic studies. 


Bundle includes:

Morning Meeting

Tea Time

Classical Studies and Miscellany

A Shared Wonder- A Nature Study

Food for the mind- Academic Studies


View a sample from Food for the Mind here and booklists for all forms here.


Each curriculum bundle has lessons for Year 1-Year 12 for that time period. For a thorough explanation on Forms and how to use them in this curriculum, check out our FAQs.