4 Ways To Create Meaningful Holiday Memories + Holiday Gift Guide starting at $0

Savor the holiday season and create meaningful holiday memories that become family traditions.  Our list below offers a selection of options to do just that. Many items on the list are free;  if you're looking for actual gifts to purchase (or options to send to grandparents), we also offer ideas for that too. Read on and don't forget to check out A Modern Charlotte Mason's Holiday Gift Guide!

1. Experiences

Foster family togetherness, increase family bonds and more by simply being together.  Our first item on our holiday gift guide is completely FREE! Take your family to a museum (many have complementary admission on certain days), visit a local park or simply take a walk in your neighborhood.  


2. Meal Time Memories

Charlotte Mason said "No pains should be spared to make the hours meeting round the family table the brightest hours of the day" (vol 1, p.27). Another free option for creating meaningful holiday memories is to gather around the table each day. Spend time creating a meal together (even littles can help choose what to serve or dump ingredients in a bowl.) Creating a tradition of love and lingering around the table paves the way for conversation and community. Pair your favorite candles with these lovely wooden candle holders to enhance your meal time experience or linger at the table with some fun games.   


2. Books

Gathering on the couch together or during Morning Meeting is a special time for our family. Make reading a part of your family heritage by adding all. the. books!  Keeping A Nature Journal and Handbook of Nature Study are great nature study resources AND are listed in our gift guide! Reflect on the hope of the season with our all new Advent Guide.  (Take 10% off using code ADVENT).


3. Supplies

Spread a wide feast for your kids. Allow access to materials that develop and encourage creativity. (This modeling clay is AMAZING, durable and long-lasting and these colored pencils are good for nature study sketches). (Check out other supplies on our holiday gift guide below).


4. Music

All of our curricula comes with specific hymn and composer studies (here's a free link to some of our Spotify playlists). Some of our other favorites include Mozart for Meditation, or if you're new to classical music try this.

Looking for some Christmas listening? Try this Nutcracker cd of PI Tchaikovsky's score by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.



Want even more gift ideas? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide

A list of gifts from decor to nature study to handicrafts and games can be found in our Holiday Gift Guide below. 

1. Sketchbook (other sizes also available!)

2. Watercolors

3. Observation Kit for Kids

4. Stainless Steel Food Jar

5. Nature Study Resource Books: Keeping a Nature Journal and Handbook of Nature Study

6.Embroidery Kit

7. Whittling/Carving Tools

8. Backyard Bird Domino Game

9. Wooden Candle Holder: Option 1 and Option 2

10. Cavallini Paper, set of 6 (posters)


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