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Tea Time Volume II

Tea Time Volume II

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Tea time lesson plans are now available!  

Poetry, picture study, Shakespeare, recitation and composer study are several subjects that are sometimes difficult to plan and accomplish each week. A Modern Charlotte Mason offers 180 daily lesson plans for incorporating these enriching subjects into an afternoon “tea time.” Lesson plans are available for purchase in print or as an ebook. View a sample of our Tea Time book here. A booklist for Tea Time Volume II can be found here.


Composers covered in Tea Time Volume II include: Tchaikovsky, Joplin, Schubert. Artists: Durer, Dave the Slave Potter/Poet, Henry Oswanna Tanner, and Larrson are some of the artists covered in Tea Time Volume II. Some of the featured poets are Rossetti ( for younger children), Donne (used for older children), Blake, Sandburg , Lear ( for younger children). We've also chosen special poetry depending on history: Idyls of the King, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Faust, Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves, Out of the Dust, Evangeline and Hiawatha. Shakespeare: The Tempest, The Winter's Tale, and Macbeth.