Early Years Curriculum

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The Early Years curriculum is designed for children aged six and under who, because of state regulations or other necessity, need and want to follow a Charlotte Mason inspired education.  This curriculum is similar to other AMCM bundles in that it is divided into three terms over the course of the school year. 

This is truly a modern curriculum. Not only does it include a feast of living books and ideas but also includes options for hymn study with a FREE Spotify download playlist (check out a sample here), downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, additional Bible study if you so choose, and more.

Add some beauty to your scripture memorization for each Term in the Early Years Curriculum.  Find our printable memorization stacks for Term 1 (Psalm 23) here and (Psalm 100) here.

View a sample of the Early Years curriculum here. 


Space is included in these books to participate in Tea Time (purchased separately) or other AMCM products if there are other siblings being schooled. 


The Early Years Curriculum Bundle includes:

Morning Meeting


Foreign Language

Nature Study



*Note: Some suggested books may need to be purchased separately, downloaded or reserved at your local library. A list is provided for you.